Chief coach: on request
Fee: on request
Timings: All 7 Days
Entry age: 3 years
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Started by two young players Sujeet Parbatani and Murad Jasani, Sujeet’s Cricket Academy provides coaching facilities of international standard. The founder and coach Sujeetwas a part of Kolkata Knight Ridersteam in IPL 2010- 2014 and represented Hyderabad state team in U-17,U-19 & U-22.
The academy has all modern facilities including 5 astro-turfs,2 turfs, flood lights and bowling machine. The academy accommodates all types of players, be it professional cricket players, league players, amateurs or weekend warriors. Sujeet is confident to make a difference in the young players of the twin cities.The co-founder and coach Murad has leaded the youth towards improving their sports for many years and has got the ability to creatively identify and nurture young talent.
Achievements :
Organising the first ever 6 a side football league with home and away concept with 12 franchise based teams in Hyderabad- Hyderabad Football League in 2015-16. Introducing franchise based leagues concept for the Aga Khan Youth and sports board for Hyderabad for cricket and football in 2007 and 2008 which was then replicated all over India. Organising the league for National Champions for T20 cricket- Youth Champions League in 2012. Heading the team that organised the National cricket Tournament held in Hyderabad for the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for India in 2010. Heading the team for AKYSB-I that organised the National Sports Qualification tournament for Dubai Jubilee Games 2016 with 450 participants held in Hyderabad and Mumbai for cricket,football volleyball,badminton, Table Tennis, chess, swimming, golf, wrestling, athletics and lawn tennis in December 2015.


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