A healthy life is a happy life. The recently refurbished Colosseum Fitness center at the Delhi Gymkhana Club is now available to its members. Powered by leading brands, the fitness center brings to the table an exhilarating experience, guaranteed to impress you like never before.
In keeping with the trend, "FITNESS" being the Mantra of life for both young and old, the Delhi Gymkhana Club has whole heartedly embraced this universal culture. In its effort to create a quality health services facility for the benefit of its members, the Club has taken under its fold a well trained and disciplined training team from the vastly successful experience of Colosseum. Its objective is to create awareness and further improve standards in the field of healthcare.

Whether it is loosing a couple of inches or increasing your energy levels, our trainers will access your requirement, create a personalized module for you and provide the all important supervision and motivation to enable a healthier lifestyle for you.

For a healing process like no other, the concept of spa’s is ancient, and as history speaks, the practice of bathing in hot springs and mineral waters dates back to the Babylonians and Greeks. Since Hot springs and Salt lakes are not available in abundance, man figured out a way to replicate the magical powers of nature by artificially creating the same effect using natural elements and a bit of science. Holding tremendous medicinal and therapeutic value,Steam and Sauna usage has scientifically proven to heal and cure many an ailment.

The very affordable Delhi Gymkhana Club Colosseum fitness center is installed with the most sophisticated equipment that healthcare has to offer.


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